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British-Pakistani Cultural Entrepreneur, Award-winning Host & Presenter

FAISAL SHAUKAT is well-known as a successful British-Pakistani cultural entrepreneur and an award-winning producer, host and presenter. He considers himself a "Cultural Diplomat", who strongly believes in the power of Cultural Diplomacy. He is the only British Pakistani who has been proudly representing Pakistan on the Western world’s arts and culture scene, particularly through his numerous partnerships with top-end organisations in the UK. Among his most extraordinary achievements are his collaborations with: English Chamber Orchestra, which is the world’s most recorded orchestra under the patronage of HM King Charles III; Olivier Award-winning producers of “The Great Gatsby”, a unique theatrical performance in London; prestigious venues like Royal Albert Hall, Royal Festival Hall; historical institutions like Royal College of Music, Purcell School of Music, and musicians like world-renowned East17 band, Joseph Calleja, Ana de la Vega; heritage centres like Canterbury Cathedral, Leeds Castle, Waddesdon Manor; Diplomatic missions in London like the Romanian Embassy and the Romanian Cultural Institute, the Latvian Embassy, The Cyprus High Commission and the Hellenic Centre, the Italian Cultural Institute, The Austrian Cultural Forum, the Czech and Polish Cultural Institutes and many others.

Full of life and excitement, while also valued for his commanding presence, innovation and meticulous approach to work, Mr. Shaukat has been the frontman in numerous national and global concerts, award ceremonies, gala dinners, seminars, conferences and corporate events. Revered for his elegance and confidence, he stands out as a charismatic and dynamic presenter whose contagious energy and great sense of humour keeps audiences engrossed. With a proven track record of successful global projects, his great communications skills and sense of flexibility, alongside his abiding passion have earned him a strong reputation in the UK’s events and entertainment industry.

Continuing the legacy of his late father, acclaimed actor and presenter Shaukat Rizvi - who, in 1973, founded National Stage Promoters, the first ever platform dedicated to the promotion of young creative talent in Pakistan -, Faisal Shaukat established ISP Events in 2003. Set up jointly with his father, ISP Events took events management to a whole new level, becoming one of Britain’s key players and expanding its portfolio to include and accommodate diverse clients, while also building strategic partnership across international borders.

For the past 30 years, Mr. Shaukat, who is also the CEO of ISP Events, has been telling unforgettable stories globally by creating outstanding events. ISP Events collaborates with various embassies and their cultural institutes by organising, supporting and promoting their cultural events. The company has also built up an excellent reputation amongst the leading symphony orchestras of the UK, while also working closely with various international and national artists and organisations. Despite its European focus, it has always remained connected with the Asian and, most importantly, with the Pakistani diaspora, producing remarkable events and catering to wide and diverse audiences.

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